What is the K1 Trainer?

The K1 Trainer is a sport specific training  machine.

Want more training sessions? Using the K1Trainer is the perfect way to fit training sessions into a busy schedule.

The on-board computer monitors your performance to ensure you are physically ready for whatever your challenge may be.


Used in all Kayak disciplines,K1 Trainers can also be used for Canoe, Dragon boat, and Board paddling with optional attachments.

The K1 Trainer is the original Kayak training machine which was formerly known as the K1 Ergo. This machine has been designed & manufactured in Australia and has been used by top athletes around the world for over 20 years. 



Fitting training sessions into a busy work / life schedule is a challenge for any athlete. K1 Trainer (Kayak Ergometer) allows the athlete to train indoors in any weather at any time. The training schedule is dictated by the athlete.


The computer is purpose built for the K1 Trainer it collects information & gives the user feedback in real time and displays it on the large LCD Screen.

  • Strokes per minute

  • Meters per second

  • Power produced in watts

  • Total elapsed time

  • Countdown to start

  • Total meters paddled

The computer switches itself off if the machine has not been used for 3 minutes.

Intelligent On-Board Computer


Working Full Time?  Is it a 20 minute drive to the water?
Could you have been paddling for 20 minutes already? 

Patented Rope Design

K1 Trainer's Patented rope & bungee cord combination made to K1 trainer's tight specifications.

This specially designed rope cord, is responsible for K1 trainer's on water feel, which no other machine on the market can match.

Lightweight Aluminium Construction

K1 Trainer's lightweight aluminium construction, allows it to be easily moved & stored.  Making it perfect for a small home gym.